More mistakes about ‘mistakes’ and moral choices: Laura Harner

Having been caught out for publishing plagiarized novels ( ), Laura Harner used the “M” word euphemism.

‘Responding to the Guardian in a statement, Harner said she realised she had “made mistakes”. “I own them, and I will deal with the consequences. In transforming two M/F romance stories into an M/M genre, it appears that I may have crossed the line and violated my own code of ethics,” she wrote.’ (Ibid).

I’ve written about this before. (  and .

George Orwell was right: “Euphemism is to the brain as novacain is to the gum.” By calling is a ‘mistake’ rather than saying ‘I chose to do something bad’ we exercise a form of moral denial.

See the mark hauser post for the full argument.

I won’t get into the philosophical problems with saying “it appears I may [emph added] have crossed the line” and with her reference to “my own code of ethics.”

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